Abhigyan Shakuntalam



Grade 1 students of DPS Nashik, celebrated its annual Day with a

very innovative theme Abhigyan Shakuntalam. The young children

depicted a ‘Dance Drama’ on the birth of Shakuntala and her

multifaceted life showcasing her marriage with King Dushyanta, birth

of Bharata, their separation due to the curse of a rishi and their

reunion. It ended with the contemplation that this brave boy Bharatha

became a powerful and generous king and later known as the bravest

of all kings. And from then onwards India was called as ‘Bharat or

Bharatvarsh’ after his name.

The chief guest for the event Dr. Kavish Mehta, who is a practicing

Neonatologist in Nashik, was very astonished with the presentation of

the little students. He also in his speech mentioned parents that a

child imitates his parents, so act wisely. He emphasized on reducing

the mobile usage at such a important cognitive age. Principal Dr.

Pushpy Dutt & the Director Mr. Siddharth Rajgarhia were very

contented to see all the annual days which passed with great

performances of the children.

Added on: 02 Jan 2019