Image Gallery / Moonlight hunt


Delhi Public School Nashik had organized a moonlight hunt for the

students of Grade VI to VIII. The activity was organized in the school campus

itself. This activity was conducted in the evening and it continued throughout

the night. The moonlight hunt began with the trekking activity. Students were

taken for trekking in the hilly area near the school campus. They were asked to collect a few objects from the area and then build a story using the same. After returning back to the school campus, children were asked to represent their

stories through a small skit. 28 groups were formed for the story enactment.

The winning team was awarded with certificates. Students had a wonderful

experience of building their own tents and living in the same. They were also

taught to cook food on the chulha. Children made delicious dinner and enjoyed it. The moonlight hunt ended in the morning with a flash mob exercise

activity. All the students enjoyed the activity. It was a very different learning experience for them.