Brethren without Boundaries’

DPS, Nashik expanding horizons, joining hands with Sri Lanka.

Implication of , Swami Vivekananda’s historic speech , “ I am proud to belong to a religion which has taught the world both tolerance and universal acceptance” was observed at the campus of Delhi Public School Nashik on the account of ‘World Tourism Day’. DPS, Nashik has taken steps towards the accomplishment of Broad Vision instilling in the community ‘Shake hands , without clenched fist’.
World Tourism Day celebrated on 27 September around the world , is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development.
The platform of DPS , Nashik spread the message of’ Brethren without Boundaries’ as the students of grade II, III & IV showcased the unique tradition , celebration of occasions, language and attire through their performances in ‘ Fancy Dress Competition’. The students donned themselves in attire representing themselves as denizens of Sri Lanka and inhabitants of the different zones of India. Vibrancy of the enactments by the students enhanced with vivid hue and flamboyance of the expressions had kept the audience awestruck .
Students came forward and introduced themselves in the respective regional language along with the information of culture and relevant backdrop. The ramp walk showcased confidence and the open mindsets and arms of the young minds to embrace global ethnicity.
The event culminated with a profound thought , “The world is our root; branches are the nations; and leaves are the people. Let us appreciate the fact that we all have originated from one place and we all belong to one family. Hence, the whole world is one family , Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.”

22 Oct 2018    School Admin

Brethren without Boundaries’ ...