Nutrition Education Programme

An edifying session on Nutrition Education Programme was conducted on 28th July 2018 for Class VII and VIII by a prominent Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Charul Verma at DPS, Nashik. The session threw light upon the basic nutrients and their roles, importance of healthy food, hazards of junk food, healthy lunch-box options and the importance of physical exercise. The students were very attentive and responsive throughout the session. A brief activity on nutrition was conducted at the end, where the students had to choose their meal amongst the healthy and junk food options. The students were rewarded for their participation. Mast. Sohaan Pinjori (Grade 7C), Ms. Anjali Tripathi (Grade 7C), Ms. Ruchita Patil (Grade 7D), Mast. Aditya Patil (Grade 8B) and Mast. Aakar Gulve (Grade 8C) were the best five students who were rewarded for their participation.













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Nutrition Education Programme ...