Making Models of ‘Early Calculating Devices’

DPS, Nashik, conducted a ‘Model Making’ on 2nd and 6th of July 2018 for Class V to introduce the students to the concept of making models of Early Calculating Devices and their uses. This was supervised by Jayashree A. Patil. This activity was arranged to encourage and explore creativity in children. It offered them a platform to show their skill in model making and promoted artistic excellence. The activity started with dividing the students in three groups and allotting them devices. Students brought the required material from home. ‘Abacus’ device was allotted to the first group. They made use of beads, pencils, empty boxes etc to make the device. ‘Napier’s Bone’ was allotted to the second group. Group members used chat paper, colours to make the model. The third group was allotted the ‘Pascaline’ device. They made the model using an empty box, golden paper, colours and wheels. Each group presented their models with their working in front of all the students. The students enjoyed this activity as it helped them to enrich their creative skills and understand the concept of ‘Early Calculating Devices.’

19 Jul 2018    School Admin

Making Models of ‘Early Calculating Devices’...