Inter-House Drums Presentation and Competition

DPS, Nashik held an Inter-House Drums Presentation and Competition on 5th July 2018, where the students were given a chance to channel their energy to create winning drum beats. Setting up the stage, planning and organising the activity got the students to hone their leadership skills and helped build confidence to handle an event. In each slot, groups of 4 houses participated in the competition. Each House Group consisted of minimum 6 and maximum 10. Each house presented 5 different rhythm styles, such as Western rhythm, Carnatic rhythm, Indian rhythm, Konnakol and Spinnology and students had 5 minutes to present their talent and drumming skills. The main highlight of the competition was that all the performances were set by the students themselves. The atmosphere was filled with the joyous sound of singing in tandem with the beats played on the drums. Each team performed to excel and they had an attentive audience who hung on to every beat that was played on the drums. The competition was judged by Mr. Ganesh Jadhav and Mr. Sahil Patil (the Music Faculty of DPS Nashik). Harmony House won in the Junior Group (Grade 3 to 6) and Wisdom House won in the Senior Group (Grade 7 to 9). Music is energy, music is life and this fact was played out beautifully at the competition, boosted by the school.

13 Jul 2018    School Admin

Inter-House Drums Presentation and Competition...