Visit to ICICI Bank

DPS, Nashik organised a visit to the ICICI Bank for Dipsites of class IV to learn about the functioning of banks and their financial transactions. They learnt about the various departments in a bank and also about the different roles performed by the employees, ‘front office’ operations of forex, cash counters and the loan department. The branch team also gave students a comprehensive presentation on the banking sector, deposition of cheques and answered questions on a wide range of topics from KYC norms to how the central ATM clearinghouse works. This visit to the bank was also an attempt to teach kids how mathematical skills and the logical abilities are applied in our everyday life. The students listened intently, as they were also taught how to open their own bank accounts. The school organised this visit to ensure that students understand the value of money and are better equipped to handle basic money exchanges on their own.

11 Jul 2018    School Admin

Visit to ICICI Bank...