Visit to Jindal Saw Ltd.

Delhi Public School, Nashik teamed up with Jindal Saw LTD, on the 9th of June and held an exhibition for waste management. Our students came up with two brilliant projects “SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT” & “VERMICOMPOST”.
The students showcased the various steps involved in using simple things available at home to clean and purify dirty water, including the filtration process. They also showcased on how to make compost out of vegetable peels, by using earthworm’s along with various vegetable peels. Their aim was to show simple steps that can be taken at home, to help the environment and keep it clean
We are glad the Jindal Saw, the leading manufacturer and supplier of alloy and seamless pine, msl seamless pipe, carbon steel seamless pipe for organising and inviting our students, along with our teachers Gitanjali Sharma Agrawal, Diksha Kakkar and Nabia Tamboli. The students also got a chance to visit the company and see how the various departments function. This had an extremely positive impact on them and they realised that they can achieve their dreams through hard work and determination.
Our students and faculty members were honoured to be a part of this event.


09 Jun 2018    School Admin

Visit to Jindal Saw Ltd....