Grade X CBSE Examination Result 2017-18

Delhi Public School Nashik takes an immense pleasure to congratulate the crowning success of the Dipsites who appeared in Grade X CBSE Examination 2017-18.
The highest scorer was Ms. Vaidehi Sinha who created a smashing record of 97.4%. Mast. Ved Sinde achieved a brilliant score of 97.2% and closely following the trend was Mast. Aditya Rathi with a score of 96.6%.
There were 13 students who belonged to the bracket of 95% to 100%. There were 23 students who scored between 90% to 94.9%. 32 students ranged between 80% to 89.9% and remaining 23 students scored below 80%. In all 91 students appeared for the Tenth CBSE Board Examination and the school have got 100% result.
We convey our sincere wishes to all our Dipsites for a brilliant future ahead!
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29 May 2018    School Admin

Grade X CBSE Examination Result 2017-18...