Indian International Model United Nations (IIMUN) 2017-18


DAY 1- The Opening Ceremony                                                                          April 27, 2018

The opening ceremony commenced with quite an encouraging oration offered by Nashik's well-known young entrepreneur, Miss Nidhi Agarwal. Devoting most of her speech in signifying the general benefits of MUNs in a student's life. She further emphasized on the importance of experience in various fields and how they benefit the participants one way or the other with remarkable examples of today's baby boomers who lead the world, like Steve Jobs. Having her point made and engraved within the viewers, she proceeded to end her welcoming sermon with quoting, "Jaa Simran jee le apni zindagi" to further cheer the audience and promote experimenting and discovering their true potential, here in the matter of being a MUNer.

Followed by Nidhi's uplifting speech was an eye-catching dance performance presented by IIMUN Nashik's Kalanand Kathak Nritya Sanstha. Instigating with five males, gracefully performing a well composed Kathak routine for the spectators, they caught their attention with a royal emerald attire. Every step of their feet impacted and resonated the ambience with the ghungroo as their tool for the serene and spiritual upliftment one felt as they watched the performance. Soon they efficiently transitioned their piece to ten young women who executed it perfectly in sync with the fusion of pop and classical music. Intensified, their dance was enriched with a certain kashmiri look that they followed.

As the breathtaking performance ended, the Secretary General, Manan Parakh, took over the mic. He began with stating a few rules of procedures and the basics for the beginners. Progressing to his own experience as an active MUNner and referenced his inspiration that was Rishabh Shah who is the current President of IIMUN. Concluding the discourse with disclosing the chairs for all the committees, he shrieked with excitement, "Bharat Mata Ki Jai!"




Lok Sabha

Day 1                                                                                                                        April 28, 2018

Lok Sabha being the most hyped committee in the entire MUN was also one of the most interesting. Procedures were slightly distinctive here because Hindi was permitted. Though it consisted of many new-timers, they turned out to be putting strong competition.

The committee commenced with the delegate of Smt. Santosh Ahlawat's motion to begin formal debate about emphasizing the cons provided by section 377 in regards to the LGBT community. The delegate, JaydevGalla, also drew attention to Andhra Pradesh, who was protecting transgenders and have special provisions for the LGBT community, clearly going against the section 377 and claimed a reason that the "society came first". Followed by the motion for giving occupational rights to LGBT community, the committee conferred about the right to chose occupation and how reservations were not necessary if only they were seen as equals. Discrimination had been one of the main cause for high suicide rates of the community in India, was verified by the delegate of Anandrao Abdul. The delegate of Shivaji Adhalrao also discussed how the "sexual orientation of a person doesn't mean they are incapable of handling a family."

Later as the committee advanced, the delegate of Yogi Adityanath brought to everyone's attention a very important motion about criminalization of LGBT rights, to which the delegate of Arun Jaitley discoursed how being a member a such a community should lead to a death penalty and life imprisonment in a few countries and are often sexually assaulted. One of the delegates also recognized that even the "Hindu Mythology" had Lord Shiva who was said to be half male and half female. Shortly discussing about the children's influence on LGBT rights, the committee progresses to the delegate of Amit Shah presenting a presidential statement.

Moving towards terminating for the day, the committee faced a crisis with the LGBT community getting fed up with the injustice they've faced over the past years and demanded their rights as soon as possible. Later after the lunch, the delegate of Rahul Gandhi was being uncompromisingly questioned about his speech. Followed by performing as the actual Lok Sabha in the zero hour. Conversing about various topics such as marriageable rights and demonetization, the committee halted for the day.


Day 2                                                                                                                      April 28, 2018

First day in the committee, the chair proceeds to explain the basic rules of procedures. The first motion itself had a lousy beginning with India in the opposition following no such reason for the same. With UK as the first speaker, the delegate addressed the importance of the committee itself and how the world is departing from hard cash to cashless economy. Afghanistan and such other countries perceived Bitcoin and how crypto-currency is important as well. Further the delegates stress about how the world needs to accommodate for the change and every country needs to be ready for it. China, being the one of the big five, illustrate their dominance about how they were the first nation to conceive hard cash and would be the first to end it as well. Poland having raised an excellent point about the contradiction China exhibited as they encourage cashless economy but their realm hasn't even legalized it yet.

However, few of the delegates failed to apprehend the differences between crypto-currency and cashless economy, though the agenda of the committee depended on it. The chair articulately cleared away all the doubts and explained the distinction.  Followed by excellent motions raised, the committee acknowledged the pros and cons of crypto-currency. Bangladesh continued to highlight the cons even further as he states not all countries were developed enough for digital banking and nor are all citizens careful or educated enough for transactions.

Breaking off to lunch, the chair tackled with the problems and helped the delegates rise back up from their comfort zones and guided them towards enhancing the committee. He looked forward to the second session with a lot more sanguinity.

Later much attention was payed towards the security of crypto-currency and how an authority was needed to keep it in check. UK conversed about how she was looking forwards to legalize it and encouraged other countries to do the same. India on the other hand wasn't quite sure of India being ready for crypto-currency yet considering the poverty line and other social issues. Though the committee jotted down important point and motions to address, they failed to consistently participate and soon lost the gist and excitement as the session ended. However, it was a great step forward and they did advance in a very short period of time which should be appreciated.



Day 2                                                                                                                        April 28, 2018

The chair commenced the committee sessions with the explanation and introduction of the rules and procedures.

The delegate of Afghanistan started the debate by telling the house about the problems faced by women in the country and the policies to help the women. The delegate of Australia conversed about how the country was helping the women to overcome the gender inequality. After some time the delegate of North Korea made a speech which was questioned by both the chair and the other delegates. The meeting went on just fine but when it was the turn of the delegate of India to answer, it was clear that he was not well apraiched. The delegate was asked about the actions taken against the Asifa rape case and the delegate was not able to answer. The rest of the session was without a hitch.

There was a lousy moderated caucus, afterwards the delegate of Russia challenged the delegate of India. The former challenged the latter about, “What were the actions taken against AsaramBapu, and why was the ‘triple talaq’ bill passes in 2017 while the middle east countries had passed the same decades ago and lastly enquiring about the actions taken against the Asifa rape case. To which the delegate of India could not answer, disappointing the committee.

The delegate of USA asked for a question answer session with the delegate of Russia which was a completely failed as the delegate kept beating around the bush. During the same, an argument took place between the delegate of Russia and Netherlands, which contained informal and unpleasant language and raising of voices.

The chair was disenchanted by the committee as there were numerous unmoderated caucuses, foul words and indiscipline. However, in the end, the chair appreciated the committee. Emphasizing the active participation of the delegate of Russia.



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