Exploring shapes

Children of Grade Nursery, Delhi Public School Nashik explored shapes through a playful activity.  The intension of conducting this activity was to develop the behavioral skills and Co-operative learning amongst the children. Also to build a link towards mathematics. A cognitive development was built up in the kids. This activity enhanced the Thinking skills of children, also improved their Fine motor and gross motor skills along with their hand - eye coordination. It helped to improve the spatial visualization skills using hands-on – learning. They came to know, how to play with their friends and how to enjoy. Teacher first explained how shapes can be formed by showing it on the smart board.

Then she made different forms of shapes like circle, triangle, square, rectangle etc. After the teacher’s demonstration the children were asked to sort out some shape blocks (circle, triangle, square, rectangle etc).While doing it they were fully engrossed in the activity. Children expressed their thoughts and feelings while drawing the same shapes with a smiley. They were very much enthusiastic and energetic while performing their activity. After completing the activity children started exploring it with their friends.

18 Jul 2017    School Admin

Exploring shapes...