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Delhi Public Schools Society (DPSS) is a registered society which owns the brand name Delhi Public School (DPS). DPS is the largest chain of schools in India and abroad. DPSS established its first school, Church High School, in 1941, in the President’s Estate. Post-independence, Naveen Bharat School was set-up and in 1949, was rechristened Delhi Public School, with its present location on Mathura Road, New Delhi.

The second DPS was started in Ram Krishna Puram, New Delhi, in 1972. Over the last seven decades, DPSS has grown from strength-to-strength, with more than 150 schools, not just in India, but also internationally. DPSS aims to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the future. The philosophy of DPSS is carefully ingrained in its students, sensitising them to environmental concerns and inculcating in them the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.

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  • Independence Day

    DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, NASHIK - Where each bud blooms in its true colours, where each day is celebration of unity, harmony, strength, courage and wisdom.
    Independence day was celebrated with a lot of zeal and zest amongst dipsites as they performed and enjoyed classical dance competition. Chief guests of the day - Dr. Anil Kasliwal and Mrs. Kavita Dagaonkar gave very inspirational speeches to our students. 
    Team DPS Nashik wishes each and everyone a very Happy Independence day #servicebeforeself

  • Janmashtami Celebration

    Children of Grade Pre Nursery till Grade II of Delhi Public School Nashik, celebrated Krishna Janmashtami. The main objective of celebrating Janamashtami was sharing information about the festival. The students of Pre- Nursery A performed on a song of Maiyya yashoda. The teacher performed ‘Puja’. Children broke Dahi ‘Handi’. Later children danced on the beats of music. Children were given ‘Prasad’. The children spoke few lines and ‘Shloka’ on Lord Krishna in their respective classes. The students were informed about the festival of Krishna Janamashtami and its importance. Janmashtami, is an annual Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. The celebration commenced with the prayer. The guest for the occasion, was Ms. Aarti Gupta. She was honored and welcomed with a hand-made card. Pooja and Aarti was then followed by the Group Dance performance on the song - Aarti Kunj Bihari ki. The story of Krishna’s birth and significance of his life was narrated and enacted alongside by the students. An enactment on the song Maiya Mori Main Nahi Makhan Khayo was also conducted.

    The tradition of breaking the Dahi Handi was portrayed with a supreme balancing act done by the Grade 2 students. The students of Grade I and II were judged based on their attire for best Radha and Krishna and were awarded after the event. It was an enjoyable and enlightening programme. Children enjoyed the Janmashtami Activity. They were very happy to dance and flaunt their attires. The programme ended with all the children and teachers forming a circle and dancing to live music.

  • Rakshabandhan Celebration

    Rakshabandhan celebration was conducted by the children of Grade Nursery to Grade II. The objective behind organizing this celebration was to make children understand the importance of Rakshabandhan. Also, to make the kids aware about Rakhi, and let them know that it strengthens the bond of love between a brother and a sister. Children learned that we should love, respect and take care of each other. Students were prior intimated about the celebration. It was organized in the assembly area. The activity started with prayers followed by a small skit and a dance performance. They were explained about the tradition which is followed on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Students were very excited about the celebration.  Children shared the importance of Rakshabandhan through a small skit. Children also shared that we should tie Rakhi to Trees because Trees also helps and protects us. They eagerly listened to the information shared by their classmates.  Children enjoyed the programme very much. The celebration ended with the National anthem. After the programme a small Rakhi making activity was conducted in all pre – primary classes. Children made beautiful rakhis with the help of their Teacher. They were very happy to tie it to their friends.  

    Rakshanbandhan Celebration holds a significant place in India. The auspicious day celebrates the bond of love, support, aid and protection between brother and sister.   Students of Grade I & II celebrated the festive occasion sharing information on the importance of Rakshanbandhan and Narali Pournima. Students also expressed their views on the importance of trees. Safety and security of the environment was an assurance from the tots, it was done by tying Rakhis to the trees.  Koli Dance was performed depicting our culture and heritage. Rakhi’s made by the students were judged and the winners were acclaimed for their unique ideas and presentation. The winners were Grade I A and Grade II C.

  • Spell Bee bingo

    Spell Bee bingo activity was organized at Delhi Public School, Nashik for the students of Grade 2. The objective of this activity was to help children to be able to read, understand and distinguish amongst different words related to their syllabus effectively. Children could relate the topics they had learnt in the class through this activity which helped them to understand the words they have learnt in a fun way method. Students were provided with Word Grid (Bingo) with different titles like Relationships, Vegetables, Face, Fruits, Domestic Animals, and Colors. Each child got different Bingo with a different title.

    The activity was conducted in three rounds. The Teacher called out a word which they had to find. The Winner was declared on the basis of first come first and the child was awarded with a hand-made stick star. Second round started with finding three words and was declared the second winner with a star in the same way and the third round was if the child who could mark five words was considered the third winner respectively. This activity assisted them in revising the blend words, phonic words and Naming words. They really enjoyed the activity based English class in the form of Spell Bee-Bingo.

  • Water cycle activity

    Children of Grade 2, Delhi Public School, Nashik participated in the Water cycle activity. The objective of this activity was to help the students to understand the concept of Water configuration. Children were able to comprehend the value of water and how the water is stored for varied purposes. Students actively participated in the activity in their classes.  They were shown some clippings from Extra marks board. They saw that how the rainwater is stored in different forms, like Ponds Lakes, ocean, and sea. They were told about the underground water too. They saw a slide showing the Water Cycle. How the water from Ponds Lakes, ocean, and sea evaporates due extreme Sun Heat and process of condensation happens.

    Children drew the same form of Water Cycle in their drawing books and colored it accordingly.  Few children discussed about it after the drawing. They felt pleased to realize the concept for the first time at this age.

  • Palm printing activity

    Children of Grade Pre Nursery enjoyed the palm printing activity at Delhi Public School Nashik. Activities are important for brain development in early childhood. One of these acted as a sensory play where kids learnt through their senses. Sensory integration is a developmental process where touch, taste, hearing and vision are a part of brain development for later spatial, math and language concepts. Messy play like finger painting is important to every child’s development. It helps the body and brain integrate information as well as being relaxing creative way to express feelings. Children did Palm printing with colors in the scrap book with the help of poster colors and also the fine motor skills were used while doing the activity. They were very happy with the activity as colors are always a fun activity and also the use of left hand was taught with the help of the teacher. Children also learnt the use of colors for the activity of Palm printing. Words like Dip, Press, color and palm were used for vocabulary enrichment.