About Delhi Public School, Nashik

Delhi Public Schools Society (DPSS) is a registered society which owns the brand name Delhi Public School (DPS). DPS is the largest chain of schools in India and abroad. DPSS established its first school, Church High School, in 1941, in the President’s Estate. Post-independence, Naveen Bharat School was set-up and in 1949, was rechristened Delhi Public School, with its present location on Mathura Road, New Delhi.

The second DPS was started in Ram Krishna Puram, New Delhi, in 1972. Over the last seven decades, DPSS has grown from strength-to-strength, with more than 150 schools, not just in India, but also internationally. DPSS aims to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the future. The philosophy of DPSS is carefully ingrained in its students, sensitising them to environmental concerns and inculcating in them the feeling of nationalism and communal harmony.

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Recent Activities

  • Colours Everywhere

    Assembly of Nursery B students. Theme for the assembly was - Colours Everywhere.

  • Fun Family Day @ DPS, Nashik

    A fun family day was organized at Delhi Public School, Nashik.  It was a day full of enjoyment as it was a break from monotonous schedule. Where-in the preschoolers accompanied by their parents enjoyed different activities conducted for them.  Activities like “Once upon a time….” Story telling session, where little ones were lost in their own world of imagination. “Art Attack” where hand on was done in making of the puppet. And lastly was the “Splash pool party” this was the most enjoyed session by both parent and the child. The tiny tots played with the toys and enjoyed the fountains. They splashed water at each other. The celebratory music beats at the party made the surroundings more delightful. Students enjoyed rain dance with their parents.

  • Hindi Diwas

    Delhi Public School, Nashik in collaboration with   Prayatna Foundation of India, Nagpur  and Hindustani Bhaasha Academy, Delhi organized Hindi Sammelan on the account of  ‘Hindi Diwas’ titled, ‘ Navankur Hindi Sammelan’.   The invaluable presence of  Shri Rahul Deo, an eminent and dynamic personality as the  chief guest, graced the occasion. Sir with his awe- inspiring credentials to his credit, functioning as  Sr. Journalist and honorary advisor Speakers  Research Institute, Parliament  of India, New Delhi, inspired the young minds to be willing learners. He emphasized to have conviction on ‘knowledge is bound to no language’ and its futile weighing language as each language has its own significance and richness.

    Cherry on the cake was ‘Siddhi Charcha’ ,where the students were bestowed with an opportunity of interrogating  Shri Rahul Deo  who being an erudite speaker answered questions like , What’s the significance of Hindi Bhasha?, How does language play a crucial role in connecting country?, What instrumental role did language play in winning independence? And what measures would develop the national language?

    The auspicious day witnessed varied competitions like Elocution Competition judged by honourable  Shri Praphul Parekh Founder ,JCI Grape city Nashik. Street plays were evaluated on the listed parameters by respected Hemant Gawale & Rahul Khate ( Deputy Manager & Hindi officer SBI Nashik) as the judges and  Poem Recitation competition was judged by Prof. Yogesh Wankhede a renowned Psychologist , Nashik. The set platform drew out the hidden potential in students bestowing them an opportunity to showcasing their mettle.

  • Chemistry Lab Practical

    We at DPS, Nashik not only believe in teaching the conceptual knowledge of a particular subject but also showing them certain practicals which are conducted in the respective laboratories of the school which enables them the better understanding of the Science as a subject. Practicals also change the monotonous way of teaching and make them understand things in a better way. Students were taught firstly the basic difference of Natural and Synthetic indicators used in labs. Natural indicators like turmeric paste and China rose (hibiscus flower) solution was asked to make by themselves which developed curiosity among them. Synthetic indicators like Phenolphthalein and Methly Orange were used. The chemicals used were Hydrochloric acid (HCl) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), which showed various colour change with each indicator used.

    This activity was conducted for the better understanding of students and easy way to learn various colour changes using different indicators. They were also shown the Neutralization reaction, which they named it as “Magic reaction”, as the reaction involved the change of solution from pink colour to colourless on addition of an acid to it.

  • Progressive Principals of India

    And here is yet another feather added to our cap. We feel extremely proud to have a leader, mentor and guide like our dearest Principal Ma'am, her achievements seem to be never ending. Heartiest Congratulations for being awarded as one of the Progressive Principals of India.

  • Inter school competition

    We the lucky DIPSITES have won the “WINNERS TROPHY” for the school. We feel proud to announce that our winners have added many feathers of success to DPS’ cap. Several Inter-school competitions were held at K.K.Wagh School and following are our achievers :


    1. Shlok Deore (Grade ) stood 2nd in Junior wing.
    2. Monali Rathi (Garde ) won the consolation prize in Junior wing.
    3. Aditi Rane (Grade ) stood 2nd in Senior wing.
    4. Aarohi Srivastava (Grade ) stood 3rd in Senior wing.


    1. Vedika Gawande (Grade VIIA) stood 1st in Junior wing.
    2. Shriya Saini (Grade VIIIC) stood 2nd in Senior wing.


    1. Shravan More (Grade VIIIC) stood 1st in Senior wing.


    1. Prathmesh Sonawane (Grade IXD) stood 1st in Senior wing.

    QUIZ –

    1. Manas Dushing (Grade VD) and Mast. Chirag Gujrathi stood 1st in Junior group.
    2. Jatin Reddy (Grade VIIIB) and Mast. Aayush Singh (Grade XB) stood 3rd in Senior wing.

    DEBATE –

    1. Aakar Gulve (Grade VIIC) and Mast. Shlok Deore (Grade VIB) stood 2nd and 3rd respectively in Junior wing.
    2. Kshipra Mandlecha (Grade VIIIC) and Ms. Priyanshi Maheshwari (Grade IXB) stood 1st and 2nd respectively in Senior wing.


    1. Niranjana Kurup (Grade VIB) stood 2nd in Junior wing.
    2. Ashika Srivastava (Grade VIIC) stood 4th in Junior wing.
    3. Saee Saudekar (Grade VIIID) stood 4th in Senior wing.



    1. Junior group won the 2nd